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For over a decade, community members have called for a museum that meets the needs for:

  • A unified space by, for, and about all the people of Cambridge

  • An anchor for the network of local historical resources

  • An easily accessible site designed to welcome residents and visitors in learning about our history

  • An inviting center for all people, from our children to our elders, to tell their story 

In 2011, Cambridge City Councilor E. Denise Simmons sponsored a policy order calling for the establishment of just such a place. While a wealth of local history has been archived by organizations across Cambridge, much of it remains hidden from public view. It is long overdue for Cambridge to join dozens of municipalities throughout Massachusetts – including nearby Somerville and Concord – in having its own local history museum that makes its past accessible, relevant, and engaging.


While we continue our efforts to establish a long-term site for the museum, we're also focusing on bringing individual events and exhibits to the Cambridge community. These projects are all about connecting with local organizations and rethinking what it means to help our community engage with the past. Right now, we're working to get people involved with shaping the Cambridge Museum in a "building as we climb" approach. 


Read about upcoming events, view past projects, and learn about our future plans

Our Story (So Far)

Our mission is to share Cambridge’s storied past in an accessible way with residents and visitors alike. Through diverse educational programming, we strive to encourage community engagement with local history and share the stories of who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.

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