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Upcoming Projects

As we look for new and engaging ways to share Cambridge history with the community, we're collaborating with local organizations to present exhibits and events. Below, find some of the projects we're currently working on.


(For information on past events click here)

Winter/Spring 2023

An 1895 image of Kittie Knox, a Cambridge-born athlete and activist. She stands in her cycling costume next to her bike, with one foot on a pedal and her face turned towards the camera.

Katherine "Kittie" Knox Commemoration

An event in collaboration with the Fletcher Maynard Academy to remember and celebrate Kittie Knox as a Cambridge-born athlete and activist

"Cambridge Mosaic"

A family history project centered around interviewing a diverse group of Cambridge citizens and recording their invaluable memories of the city.

In addition to our future exhibits and events, we're in the process of trying to secure a long-term museum space. Click here to read about our efforts and find ways you can show your support.

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